Friends Across the US


Friends Across the US



Welcome to Kathy’s Virtual Companionship!  I am delighted to have you here.  I can’t wait for us to become friends and hear your story.  To begin, you should learn a little about me.  Without a doubt, we will have something in common!

I live on the east coast.  Pennsylvania to be exact, which is the Eastern Time Zone. I work as a Travel Nurse, and for the local university.  I am hearing impaired/deaf, but I won’t let that stop me!   I am also an ordained minister, how sweet is that?

When I am not on the clock.  I may be outside working in my garden.  I enjoy crocheting, knitting, and sewing.  I love trying new recipes.  My favorite foods are steaks and baby back ribs on the char broiled grill. Depending on the time of the year. I may go hunting and fishing.

I started this site to offer my friendship to others. With all the craziness in this world today.  Everyone can use a friend to talk to.  So, no matter where you are in this world, you will have a friend in me!

“Let’s become friends”!

With love,

We all wish for friendship to be a part of our everyday lives.  Not only is the connection fun, but it is beneficial to our health and wellbeing.

The Mayo Clinic states that friendship helps us to reduce stress.  Coping with life events increases our sense of belonging, and it helps to avoid negative habits.

Sound like you may need a friend.  You are in the right place!

Unfortunately, making friends can be difficult.  We all have busy schedules that may encompass our everyday lives, work, and school.  For many, there isn’t enough hours in the day to connect with friends, and to experience all the benefits that a friendship can bring.

This is where I come in, though Kathy’s Virtual Companionship, there is no need to feel lonely. So, contact me.  To begin an online friendship with no judgements or fear.  We can Face Time or Snap Chat.  Even though this is a Virtual Companionship.  I will also be offering texting and emails.  Some may be wondering if I can mail letters/cards.  Rest assured, we can certainly do that.

I am here to discuss anything and everything your heart desires.  From your personal life.  Your fears.  Your work, plus more.  Let’s chat about what matters to “You”.

Instead of connecting with a total stranger, or a robot like most of these websites.  You will be connecting with me, and only me.  No matter which method you wish to use.  Our conversations will be private.  There will be no 3rd parties, advertisements.  No hidden fees!  No need to purchase tokens and such.

Are you ready to start a friendship?  Let’s connect today!  In order to arrange for a virtual companionship.  Please set up a small profile.  So that I may get to know you better.

Please complete your “User Profile”, in the form below before booking an appointment.

How to Get Started

Book Your First Visit

In order to arrange for virtual companionship, you will need to set up a small profile to help me know who you are, how to reach you and when you would be available.

When you book your first appointment with me, you will be able to choose the duration of the meeting , type of communication you wish to use and your device if you wish to FaceTime/Google Duo.

You MUST have completed the User Profile prior to setting a Virtual Companionship. When you get done with requesting the Virtual Companionship, you will be able to review, confirm and make your payment. I accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay and Venmo. The payment made will be non-refundable.

I will text, email or video call you at your chosen time. If you fail to answer, I will attempt to contact you an additional 2 times.

If I need to cancel, I will double your time as a result of my scheduling error. I will notify you prior to your chosen time of any scheduling conflicts on my behalf.

After booking 80 hours, you will receive a free 60 minute Virtual Companionship meeting with me.

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